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Cosmetic Circumcision

Cosmetic Circumcision Surgery A circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the glans(rounded tip) of the penis. Some men who were circumcised at birth are not pleased with the cosmetic appearance of their penile skin. Sometimes excess skin can be present on the undershaft (ventral) of the penis, which causes a “hooded” appearance to the penis. In other situations, too much skin can be removed from the undershaft (ventral) part of the penis, which causes a webbed appearance to the penis. Men may wish to correct the penoscrotal webbing as it can make the penis appear shorter than actual length.

Cosmetic Circumcision as Performed by Dr.Sachin Kuber MS Often overlooked in adult circumcisions performed by generalists is the cosmetic appearance of the erect penis following the circumcision. This represents a procedure performed for hygiene purposes, and for that reason does not receive the same attention as other cosmetic procedures. However,