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Expert Surgeon Dr.Sachin Kuber MS offers Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic Circumcision Surgery to Men and Babies in India
Tests Before Circumcision Surgery
Haemogram with ESR, (R)BSL, BUL.
BT, CT, HIV, HBsAg, Urine RM.
You Can Send the reports
Mandatory Tests- in Diabetes BSL F, PP tests have to be done.  

Key Points of Surgery
Time required- 20-25 minutes
Observation- 3 - 4 hours post Surgery
Discharge- 4 hours later
Stitch- Dissolve in 15-21 days & Fall
Healing -occurs in 3 weeks( Complete )
Rest- 1 day after Surgery
Join Job- in 1 day
Drive Bike- After 5 days
Drive Car- After 5 days
Shower- After 3 days of Surgery
Sex-  After 45 days of Surgery
Requirements before Surgery from You
Complete Shaving of Pubic area + Penis + Testis area
Have a clean Shower before surgery
Have- Lunch/ Breakfast + Enough water before Surgery
Take any Diabetes or Blood pressure tablets if you take them regularly.
  • Wear Loose track pant/Shorts/V-cut brief
  • Bring attendant with you
  • Come by Auto or Taxi
  • Bring All reports
  • Bring mobile charger
  • Bring Cash/Card for Bill
  • Chq/ Cards accepted
Pubic Hair

There is no need to completely shave your pubic hair but it is desirable to trim it fairly short. This aids asepsis during the operation and prevents hairs becoming painfully trapped in the bandaging afterwards. Trim your pubic hair a few days in advance of the operation to allow time for the cut ends to soften again.


There will be a period of up to six weeks after circumcision when you will not be able to indulge in sex. It is desirable therefore that you reduce your desires beforehand. On the morning of the operation either have sex with your partner or masturbate to climax.


Do not take any alcohol, whether with or without a meal, prior to the operation as it can dehydrate you and may reduce the effectiveness of the local anaesthetic.


On the morning of the circumcision ensure that you take a good bath or shower and pay particular attention to your genitals. Retract your foreskin as far as you can and clean well under it.

Immediately before the time of the operation empty your bowels and bladder.

This procedure is done on OPD basis. It is simple 10 minutes procedure which is done under local anesthesia.
  1. Dr.Sachin Kuber will ask you to come to clinic after a small breakfast.
  2. Then few tests are done for the safety of patients.If the tests are done prior then this does not apply.
  3. Local anesthesia is given to the penis.
  4. After complete numbing of the penis, the foreskin is cut off.
  5. Stitches are put for the wound to close.
  6. These are dissolving stitches which will wear off themselves in a week or 10 days.
  7. Dressing is not required .
  8. Patient an walk home immediately.
  9. On second day patient can resume to work.
Please contact Dr.Sachin Kuber | | 9850063926

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