Revision Circumcision

Revision of Circumcision

Many patients have already done a circumcision Surgery at their home town or in childhood . In olden days due to rough cut surgery there appears a scar and the penis looks dirty or scarred.
The old scar of circumcision looks very ugly.

For those patients who have ugly scars of circumcision surgery , also patients who are not satisfied with the results of surgery, some patients who have pain after erection -- For thos we do perform -- REVISION CIRCUMCISION

  1.  Simple painless and stitch less surgery
  2. Time - 30 minutes
  3. Done under local anesthesia
  4. Recovery is fast
  5. No stitches , so no SCARS after wound healing
  6. Quick resume to work
  7. Painless post surgery period

COST-  Actual cost is INR 42000/- _ Promotional offer till October 2016 -- Cost is 36000/-

Whatsapp your queries to - +91-9850063926

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