Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stitchless,Painless,Bloodless ZSR Circumcision

Stitchless ZSR Circumcision

One Setting Stitchless Circumcision Technique

This newest  technique of Stitchless Circumcision in One setting is available in Circumcision Clinic now. Patients can avail benefits of superior surgery
Trained in China at ZSR Biomedicals,China We do this stitchless,Painless,Bloodless Procedure. Visit

Stitchless,Painless,Bloodless,Safest Circumcision technique with ZSR machine is available with our circumcision clinic in Pune.This is 15 minutes only procedure so patient in Pune as well as outside pune city can come and go immediately after surgery.

Reasons for Having Single stage-Stitchless Circumcision 

Single stage circumcision without stitches is available now !
  1. Very effective ,Aesthetic Looks
  2. Done in 15 Minutes
  3. Can come alone for this procedure
  4. No Need to stay in hospital
  5. Can walk home in 15 minutes
  6. Painless procedure
  7. Stitchless Procedure
  8. Bloodless Procedure
  9. Very Safe
  10. NO Complications at all

This clinic is founded by Dr.Sachin Kuber in 2004.Since then Dr.Sachin Kuber has done thousands of such surgeries till now. You can safely come and do this procedure in our clinic to ensure the best Scarless Circumcision with full sensitivity . This will give you a freedom of mobility with Quick recover. Call us now !
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Friday, June 10, 2016

Alisklamp Circumcision Procedure Available now in Pune !

Dr.Sachin Kuber ( Whatsapp-+91 9823863926 ) performs Alisklamp Painless Circumcision procedure in Pune at Sun Clinic.   Call 02024490020

Alisklamp is the new generation of disposable circumcision clamp device available in the market. It is design, engineer and manufacturer to change the entire concept and process of conventional circumcision or the previous obsolete metal clamp device. No more open wound, no bleeding, no stitches, no more sticky bandages and no more risk of infection including hepatitis B/C and HIV. No more worries of failed clamp or other common complications. All this are new  major paradigm shift  away from the conventional circumcision.

And it is a complete improvement from the first generation of metal circumcision clamp device which is should be obsolete by today. It is also with comprehensive improvement from the second generation of circumcision clamp device like Plastibell, Taraklamp, Smartklamp, Sunathrone  and Ismail clamp. Alisklamp is emphasized on the total safety of the device.
The third generation of circumcision clamp device offered more then the above advantages, it is design and engineer to the finest product and produces the perfect male circumcision which to take care on all of the following features:

  • Technique : the technique is very simple, easily learn by any health-care professional and should not take more then 10 minutes. No other instrument required except for ‘Alisklamp’ and new sterile blade.

  • Safety  : Alisklamp is design to give maxima safety in doing the procedure. No worries of injury to the gland penis, no chances of bleeding, no worries of failed clamp and no worries of infection.

  • Sterility : Contrary to conventional circumcision which dealing with open surgery wound and lots of bleeding, here we are only dealing with CLOSED WOUND. Sterility is not the main issues here, it is enough to have a clean place without any sterile instrument, sterile drape or even sterile glove.

  • Aesthetic : The end result of the circumcision here is not really operator dependent like conventional circumcision is depending on the surgeon experience and expertise. Correct use of the Alisklamp  size should produce a standard good aesthetic look.

  • Pain : With adequate local anaesthesia. No pain during the procedure, after the procedure, during removal and after removal of the device.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Circumcision Surgery Guidance to Patients from Dr.Sachin Kuber

Circumcision done by Dr Kuber since last 12 years in Pune. This is guide for patients who want to undergo circumcision procedure at This is told for better understanding of patients so that they can prepare.

Whatsapp your queries to +91  9850063926

Types of Circumcision explained by Dr.Sachin Kuber

Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic type of circumcision are done by Dr Sachin Kuber at Dr.Sachin Kuber is speaking about those types so patients can decide how to choose the correct type of circumcision for them.Call Dr Kuber on +910950063926/02024490020