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Stitchless ZSR Circumcision

One Setting Stitchless Circumcision Technique

This newest  technique of Stitchless Circumcision in One setting is available in Circumcision Clinic now. Patients can avail benefits of superior surgery
Trained in China at ZSR Biomedicals,China We do this stitchless,Painless,Bloodless Procedure. Visit

Stitchless,Painless,Bloodless,Safest Circumcision technique with ZSR machine is available with our circumcision clinic in Pune.This is 15 minutes only procedure so patient in Pune as well as outside pune city can come and go immediately after surgery.

Reasons for Having Single stage-Stitchless Circumcision 

Single stage circumcision without stitches is available now !
  1. Very effective ,Aesthetic Looks
  2. Done in 15 Minutes
  3. Can come alone for this procedure
  4. No Need to stay in hospital
  5. Can walk home in 15 minutes
  6. Painless procedure
  7. Stitchless Procedure
  8. Bloodless Procedure
  9. Very Safe
  10. NO Complications at all

This clinic is founded by Dr.Sachin Kuber in 2004.Since then Dr.Sachin Kuber has done thousands of such surgeries till now. You can safely come and do this procedure in our clinic to ensure the best Scarless Circumcision with full sensitivity . This will give you a freedom of mobility with Quick recover. Call us now !
Visit us


  1. hey, I am 23 years old and I am having a tight foreskin. Will this work on me also?

    1. This for tight skin .it will work to save time do it


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